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Hotham's buys from ethical suppliers who are validated against our own values and ethical policy. We perform due diligence checks on our suppliers to give us assurance that our ingredients are grown and sold as GM-free, vegan, and not tested on animals. Read more about our ingredients here.

Selected botanicals are grown and harvested organically in Yorkshire.

Our bottles are made in Yorkshire and are topped with reusable wax seals rather than plastic wraps.

We have endeavoured to replace all single-use plastics with environmentally friendly alternatives - paper straws, compostable sample cups, wax bottle seals, paper labels.

All waste product from our distilling process is recycled - waste alcohol for sanitising and R&D; spent botanicals go to our compost heap and which goes on to nourish our homegrown rose and lavender - used in Hotham’s Original Gin.

All hot water used for distilling and at our gin, rum and vodka making events is reused for cleaning.

Hotham’s works with local charities:

Humber Rescue - for each sale of Bodka and Mango Bodka, we make a donation to Humber Rescue. Donate and read more about the important work they do here.

The Viola Trust - for each sale of Viola Gin, we make a donation to The Viola Trust, a local charity aiming to bring back the Viola Trawler to her home in Hull. Donate and read more about the Trust here.